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Accounting and Tax

Year-End Accounting Services

Financial statements and tax returns for your business.

We Want To Talk to You

Keep us Informed About Your Business Throughout the Year

If you haven't kept us up to date on all the developments in your business during the year we want to hear about it before we start on your year-end. Once the work is done, we can meet with you to review your financial statements and tax returns in order to answer your questions and share our insights with you.

Phone and virtual meetings are available for all clients. In-person meetings are only available in Langley, BC and the nearby surrounding areas.


Maximize Your Business's Potential with Tax Services

Reduce Your Tax Burden and Optimize Your Financial Strategy

As a small business owner, managing your finances can be challenging, especially when it comes to taxes. That is where we come in. We offer comprehensive tax services that will help you reduce your tax burden while optimizing your financial strategy. Our team will work with you to help you understand new tax rules, identify tax-saving opportunities, maximize deductions, and help you comply with your Canadian tax laws.

Financial Statements

We offer two alternatives for your annual financial statements depending on your needs:

  • Review engagement
  • Compilation engagement

Reviewed statements are usually only necessary if they are specifically required (usually by your bank). A compilation may be all that is required for many small businesses.

We do not provide audit engagement services.


A review engagement is more invovled that a compilation engagement and is designed to provide the reader with limited assurance.


A compilation engagement is less involved than a review engagement and is not designed to provide the user with any assurance.